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Sea Fishing Catch Reports - Fishing in Wales

Fishing In Wales - May Sea Fishing Report (22/05/2024)

May 2024 so far has been a great month for ray fishing, especially now the weather has vastly improved. With catches including decent small eye, blonde, and spotted rays.

Recommended spots like the Knap, Monknash, and the sand spit at Penarth are promising; be sure to bring some sandeel! Below: Welsh youth international Ben Beal with a nice blonde ray.

Bristol Channel charter boats are busy, with many large blonde rays making an appearance.

Smooth-hounds are also now making their annual appearance all along Welsh coastlines, with large numbers of fish now showing up at marks such as Aberthaw and Porthcawl. Kevin Clark, well known for his specimen coarse angling, has turned his hand to some smooth-hound fishing recently, with great success judging by the images below!

Conger eels have also figured in the catches, with Lloyd Thomas of Garry Evans Tackle landing the slippery specimen below from Sker point. Lloyd also landed a huge number of dogfish.

Andrew Davies and John Fishlock recently fished a Bristol Channel mark. Between the two anglers they landed 18 rays, dogs, hounds and turbot. Frozen prawn baits worked wonders.

Anglesey and Llyn shore, along with various boat marks, are also seeing plenty of the main ray species, with Anglesey Fishing & Boat Trips reporting lots of stunning wrasse species and smooth-hounds in the catches.

Pembrokeshire rock marks are now picking up, with calmer, warmer weather. Joe Shaw of Catch and Cook Kayak Fishing reports good sessions afloat with clients, with wrasse, big pollack and bass all coming to slow jigs in various colours. Below: Joe’s client Connor with a great selection of species off the kayak.

Bass are now starting to show up in bigger numbers all across Wales, marking the proper start of the bassing season with lure and bait. Jimmy Lemon of Awesome Fishing Wales reports clients catching plenty of bass, pollack and mackeral, with himself landing a new PB lure caught bass, of 10lb, pictured below.

Prospects: As we near June bait fishing from rocks or surf will produce fish, and as the water starts to clear, so will lure fishing.

For the very best fishing in June, you should look to target fish at dawn and dusk, or better still fish at night.

Offshore; June is a magical month. Fresh mackerel for bait will be widely available and with fresh bait catch rates will soar for tope, bream, bass, rays, smooth-hounds. Offshore wrecks will be at their peak. So get out there and enjoy!

Fishing In Wales - January Sea Fishing Report (29/01/2024)

The past month has been a real mixed bag from a weather point of view the past month, but thankfully calmer, colder weather came in from the start to middle of the month, allowing sea anglers to get out and enjoy rain free fishing.

January is traditionally a prime month for catching big cod throughout South Wales. Sadly, the cod have not appeared in huge numbers as yet this season, although some codling are being caught with the odd double figure specimen to the Charters. Below Michael Henriksen with an 8lb Welsh cod.

Increasingly, however, anglers are keen to target other species, especially spurdogs, which can be caught in huge numbers fishing the deeper marks off the Glamorgan and Gower coastline.

Further west rock anglers target double figure bullhuss, whiting, conger and even, if the weather remains mild, an occasional bass from the surf. The tip of the Lleyn Peninsula is another noted bullhuss mark, while the Menai Straights offers sheltered fishing for whiting and codling.

Rock marks can produce some good catches of fish on lures too, given a calm day of low wind and swell. We recently fished with Joe Shaw of Catch and Cook Pembrokeshire on a stunning January day, near St Davids, where we caught lots of pollack, wrasse and bass. A few images below. You can watch the resulting video about the guided trip HERE.

Rays are still figuring in the catches, an example being Olly Hughes cracking blonde, from the Knap near Barry.

As winter starts to loosen its grip and February emerges, anglers along the Welsh coast eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the season brings for sea fishing. Wales, blessed with a diverse coastline, offers a myriad of fishing prospects, even during the cooler months. Let’s delve into the sea fishing prospects that February unveils along the Welsh shores.

February heralds the peak of cod fishing season in Wales. As temperatures drop, cod migrate closer to the coast, presenting anglers with ample opportunities to reel in these prized catches. Areas around Pembrokeshire, Cardigan Bay, and Anglesey are particularly known for their bountiful cod populations during this time.

While cod may take the spotlight, February also welcomes an array of other winter species. Pollock, whiting, and flounder are among the common catches along the Welsh coastline during this season. These species frequent various habitats, from rocky outcrops to sandy bottoms, offering anglers a diverse range of fishing experiences.

Understanding tidal patterns and weather conditions is paramount for successful sea fishing in February. With unpredictable weather often characterizing this time of year, anglers must stay vigilant and plan their outings accordingly. Fishing during slack tides or times of minimal swell can enhance the chances of landing a prized catch.

Given the potential for inclement weather, seeking sheltered fishing spots becomes crucial for anglers braving the Welsh coast in February. Harbors, estuaries, and sheltered bays provide refuge from strong winds and turbulent seas, ensuring a more enjoyable and productive fishing experience.

February fishing in Wales demands appropriate attire and gear to tackle the elements effectively. Thermal clothing, waterproof outer layers, and sturdy footwear are essential to combat the cold and damp conditions often encountered along the coast. Additionally, ensuring fishing equipment is well-maintained and suited to the prevailing conditions can prevent unnecessary setbacks.

February unveils a tapestry of sea fishing prospects along the Welsh coast, beckoning anglers with its diverse marine offerings and exhilarating challenges.

Fishing In Wales - November Sea Fishing Report (22/11/2023)

Thanks to rough and stormy weather over the past month, sea fishing for most has been limited to rare calm, dry days with little swell. Thankfully as we write this report, we are finally seeing a calmer period with less rain, which should allow more anglers to enjoy the excellent early winter sea fishing opportunities in Wales.

As winter sets in, the seas around Wales offer a diverse and exciting range of fishing opportunities for anglers. In November and December, the focus shifts towards cold-water species like cod and whiting, but thanks to relatively high sea water temperatures (still around 13 degrees) bass, rays, huss, conger, and various other ‘summer’ species are still there to be caught in good numbers.

Codling and whiting are indeed starting to show around the coasts, with the 46th annual SAC cod competition having taken place over the weekend of 18th and 19th November. Attracting anglers from all over the UK, this was fished by boat out of Cardiff Bay Marina (Private or charter). A fair number of cod were weighed in, with the winner being Jason Williams (below) with a 5.05 kg cod, an impressive fish. The results table can also be found below. Congratulations to Jason Williams for winning the Cardiff Cod competition!

Cardiff cod competition 2023 results

Shore caught cod and codling are being recorded at the Garry Evans annual cod competition, with a number of fish from 3lb 6oz to 6lb 12oz being entered on the leaderboard already.

Whiting are being caught at various South Wales marks now, such as Aberavon and along the Swansea west pier. The ‘Reel Minds CIC’ is organising days out and also drop-in days in their home base of Pontypridd. More details one their social media page. Below, Some of the happy anglers from recent Reel Mind trips, with pin whiting.

Bass are continuing to roam the surf, and for lure anglers you will still find success at rock marks, especially Pembrokeshire which has clearer water, and also off the North West Wales coast. Below, some lure caught bass from Fishguard and Dale area. Rocky, sheltered coves fished at low water are always worth checking out using spinners and soft plastics. We have a new video on bass fishing, which you can check out here.

Joe Shaw of ‘Catch and Cook Kayak Fishing’ has been enjoying pollack fishing off the rocks, with the odd bonus mackerel still about. Still time to book a trip with the outfitter for light lure autumn fishing on 07869825412

Good bass are being caught along the Bristol Channel coast on bait, rag, squid and lug will all catch, on marks such as Lavernock and Cardiff bay barrage. Below, Chris Butcher with a 51cm Bristol Channel bass, caught near Penarth.

Offshore, the primary focus will be increasingly on cod, but the catch may include rays, huss, conger, and various other species. Estuary flounder become a prime target during this time, particularly when the flow of fresh water is moderate. Dab are another flatfish that will show in the catches, indeed there are reports of dab at Colwyn bay and Connahs Quay along with whiting. In North Wales, Anglesy rock marks are producing big congers, with bull huss also figuring strongly in the catches.


Cod and whiting should be in abundance, providing ample opportunities for anglers targeting these species. Bass can still be found in the surf, offering a mixed bag for those seeking diverse catches. Offshore fishing may yield unexpected surprises with rays, huss, and conger still entering the fray. With settled, high pressure and calmer seas forecast, now is the time to get out and enjoy winter sea fishing in Wales!

Fishing In Wales - October Sea Fishing Report (18/10/2023)

As October unfolds, it marks a transitional period in the Welsh sea fishing scene. This month witnesses the summer species indulging in one last feeding frenzy before they venture further offshore, while simultaneously welcoming the arrival of winter species. This is a particularly beloved time for bass enthusiasts, especially if the weather bestows an Indian Summer, as the fishing opportunities can be nothing short of exceptional. If the weather remains calm and settled, it’s also the time when offshore anglers have the chance to reel in some of the largest sharks. Estuary fishing for flounder kicks into gear, and the first signs of codling and whiting moving inshore become evident. It’s the absolute peak for catching a variety of ray species, notably the growing presence of blonde ray off the Glamorgan coast.

As November takes the reins, many anglers shift their focus to cod and whiting, although plenty of bass continue to thrive in the surf, alongside a diverse array of other species at rock marks. Offshore, a significant number of anglers home in on cod, but they can expect to encounter rays, huss, conger, and various other species as well. As long as there isn’t an excessive influx of fresh water, this is the prime time for pursuing estuary flounder, adding to the excitement of the late autumn sea fishing experience in Wales.

Below right: Andrew Davies with a lovely example of a Blonde ray, captured on the knap at Barry. Below left, Shaune Parsons with a cracking Welsh autumn bass, caught in the Newport/Goldcliff area.

Lee Harrison reports some super bass sport using light lure LRF tactics in the Port talbot area, including the 9lb 9oz specimen below!

bass fishing wales

Joe shaw of Catch and Cook Kayak Fishing reports: Fishing has been good in the past week after a run of tougher sessions trying to find bites. Sunday saw Mr Jim Weever make the journey from Ogmore to the rugged coast of West Wales. Conditions were fantastic, provided lots of calm water for us to effectively fish our chosen venue in North Pembs. Not only were the conditions lovely but we had an electric session, landing between 40-50 fish and a mixture too. Using a mixture of jigs, soft plastics, feathers and surface poppers we landed bass, pollack,  mackies, wrasse and pouting in an action packed session. If you’d be interested in learning the kayak approach please get in touch on 07869825412

Also in Pembrokeshire, Tim Hughes spent a few days hunting for bass with lure fishing tactics in the Dale area, despite rough weather Tim caught a good number of bass, plus some nice garfish as well.

Bangor Pier North Wales has been fishing well, with smooth-hounds still about plus small tope. Whiting and codling due to move in. The fishing costs £3 a day, opening hours on the pier 8am to 6pm.

Reel Minds CIC are a Pontypridd based charity that takes people sea fishing. They do fantastic work that aims to improve mental and physical health. The group were treated to a boat trip with Darren Ryan of Sea Leopard Charter recently. The boys had a great day and caught plenty of fish. To find out more about the charity head to their website or Facebook page.

Fishing In Wales - September Sea Fishing Report (20/09/2023)

We’ve seen tough weather conditions for sea angling over the summer with wet and windy weather sometimes spoiling play. However, the September heatwave week saw a much needed reprieve, allowing anglers to get out and enjoy the sunshine. David and Rhian Thomas, with Richard Cox of Garry Evans Tackle enjoyed a guided trip around St Davids with ‘’Catch and Cook Kayak Fishing’’. There were some lovely fish caught between the three of them on a mixture of soft plastic lures. Pollack, wrasse & bass were all on caught during the session.

Epic fishing trips out of Newquay have been catching well, including mackerel, bass and bream. Pollack were also showing in the hot weather. The Charter is also running bluefin tuna fishing trips in Cardigan Bay, which is something a bit different! Tim of Epic fishing is authorised to take part in the CHART programme which is a catch, tag and release scheme for Welsh tuna. Legend of Newquay is one of a very small number of approved boats.

Some very nice bass are being caught off Cardiff bay barrage at the moment, even on the wet and stormy nights. Penarth Pier has been producing a cocktail of species, bass, hounds conger and even mackerel.

Plenty of big blonde rays are coming off the Bristol channel marks, with Lavernock and Barry being excellent at times. Small eyed rays are showing off Ogmore and marks around that area, Monknash is producing smooth-hounds and thornback ray, Aberafan North Pier is producing mackerel and scad in good numbers. Below, a nice scad for Hunter Thomas.

Anglesey marks are seeing huss, rays, gurnard, small tope, dragonet and mackerel. Holyhead breakwater is a great mark, as is bull bay and Amlwch harbour, where you can expect a variety of species.

As summer begins to wane and the days grow shorter, anglers along the Welsh coast are gearing up for an exciting early autumn season of sea fishing. With a variety of species in their prime and the promise of excellent catches, this is a fantastic time to head to the Welsh shores. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect and the prospects for sea fishing in Wales in early autumn.

Species on the Hunt: Early autumn brings a diverse range of species to target, making Wales a sea angler’s paradise. Expect to find bass, mackerel, rays, mullet, early codling and flounders as they become more active along the coastlines.

Bass Bonanza: September and early October are often referred to as “bass season” in Wales. These sleek predators move closer to the shore to feed voraciously before their migration to warmer waters. Using lures, soft plastics, or bait like sand-eel and crab can yield impressive results for bass enthusiasts. Fly fishing is also a great method, on the fly rod or even used on a spinning rod with a bubble float, or tied in as a dropper ‘teaser’ above a lure. Below, Chris, a client of S.Wales guide Kim Tribe with a nice fly caught bass of 27 inches 3.3kg.

Mackerel Mayhem: Mackerel are still abundant during early autumn and can be caught in large numbers. They are usually attracted to shiny lures or baited feathers, and it’s not uncommon to land several mackerel with a single cast. This provides excellent opportunities for anglers of all skill levels.

Cod and Whiting: As the waters start to cool, cod and whiting will become more active. Consider bottom fishing with baited rigs near rocky outcrops, reefs, or other underwater structures. Lugworm, ragworm, or squid are reliable baits for these species.

Rays: September is an absolute peak time for catching the various species of ray, notably the increasing number of blonde rays off the Glamorgan coast. Below: Tim Hughes with some South Wales rays.

Weather and Tides: Keep an eye on weather forecasts and tidal charts as you plan your sea fishing trips. Early autumn can bring mixed conditions, so flexibility is key. Rising tides are often more productive, especially for species like bass, which may move closer to shore to feed during high water.

Fishing In Wales - August Sea Fishing Report (16/08/2023)

July and early August presented quite a few challenges for sea anglers in Wales due to the rough, windy and wet weather that is now thankfully giving way to more settled conditions. For the anglers braving the heavy seas, fishing has been good.

In South Wales plenty of smooth-hounds are being caught, Dai Llewellyn Angling Ambition with a nice example below from St Donats. Other fish species coming off the Glamorgan coast include congers, huss, dogs, pout, rockling and bass.

smooth-hound wales

Other South Wales marks are fishing well. Cardiff Bay barrage wall has been producing some nice bass recently. White Light in Barry has seen some fantastic catches of blonde rays to 14 pounds and the Knapp has seen conger, rays and bass. Barry Dock has produced some decent thornback rays to 9lb. Swansea bay has seen some sole caught, as well as silver eels. Swansea breakwater has seen some small eyed ray, dogs and hounds captured in good numbers. Below Ky Jay with some bass from Cardiff Barrage.

In West Wales Aberaeron harbour wall is producing mackerel, which is quite an unusual event; however there are huge shoals of mackerel about this year all around Wales, chasing sprats and whitebait. In West Wales, Tenby is always a mackerel hotspot, as is Aberyswyth, which has seen bass and mackerel herding bait fish onto the shore in huge quantities (Pic below). Good Mackerel spots in North Wales include Penmon Point, Moelfre rocks and at Trefor at the site of the old pier.

As August transitions into September, sea fishing enthusiasts in Wales can look forward to a diverse range of fishing opportunities along the coastline. The late summer period offers a mix of species, more favorable weather conditions, and chances for both shore and charter boat anglers to have successful outings.

During August and September, the Welsh coastline experiences a lively variety of species. Popular catches include bass, mackerel, rays, and conger. Anglers targeting bass are advised to fish around low light conditions such as dawn and dusk, using lures, soft plastics, or live bait for best results. Rocky shores, estuaries, and sandbanks are productive areas to explore.
August into September is a promising month for charter boat anglers in Wales.

Offshore wrecks and reefs can yield excellent catches of pollack, cod, ling, and conger. Drifting over wrecks with a variety of lures and baits is a proven tactic. The warmer waters also attract species like tope, blue shark, rays and even tuna, creating a well-rounded experience for anglers.

Both August and September typically offer favourable weather conditions for sea fishing in Wales. Calmer seas and milder temperatures create comfortable environments for anglers to enjoy their outings. Pay attention to tide charts for optimal fishing times, as the tidal movements can greatly influence fish activity.

With more favourable weather conditions forecast and opportunities for both novice and experienced anglers, this late summer period is an ideal time to explore the bountiful waters of the Welsh coastline.

Fishing In Wales - July Sea Fishing Report (19/07/2023)

The summer holidays provide super sport around our coasts. Mackerel are being caught at various marks around West and North Wales currently, and bass to double figures are being landed, including Barry Dock, where Daniel Crump of Holton Road Angling has had 3 doubles of 11lb 2oz, 10lb 12oz and 14lb! Mario Asprou has also landed bass in the dock to 10lb.

Plenty of bass are being caught along the Bristol Channel around the Severn bridge crossing, Pendine sands, Langland Point and the tidal Tawe, as it enters the sea in Swansea. Smooth-hound’s to 16lb are being caught off Porthcawl and Morfa beach. Below: Andrew Cobner 16lb and Richard Cox of Garry Evans enjoying Morfa beach.

Prospects are looking superb for the next 6 weeks, there are some great locations near to tourist centers to focus on; whether you are on holiday in Wales, or a local angler looking to get out and enjoy the summer months you won’t go wrong with these fantastic Welsh coastal locations.

Tenby: Family Fishing Fun

July and August are excellent months for family fishing in Tenby, Wales. This charming seaside town offers a variety of fishing experiences suitable for all ages and skill levels. Head to Tenby Harbour, where you’ll find plenty of opportunities for shoreline fishing. Children can enjoy catching species like mackerel, gurnard, and bass, creating memorable moments with the whole family.

For a more organized family fishing trip, consider booking a fishing charter. Several charter operators in Tenby offer family-friendly packages. These trips typically last for a few hours and provide all the necessary equipment, making it convenient for families who want to explore deeper waters without any worries.

The Gower: A Fisherman’s Paradise

July and August present prime fishing conditions on the Gower Peninsula. Known for its picturesque landscapes and stunning coastline, this area also boasts fantastic sea fishing opportunities. Here, anglers can target a wide range of fish species, including bass, mackerel, and smooth-hound. Popular fishing spots on the Gower Peninsula include Worms Head, Mumbles Pier, and Oxwich Bay. These areas offer various fishing environments, from rocky shorelines to sandy beaches, catering to different fishing preferences.

Worm's Head Gower
Pembroke Coast: Coastal Beauty and Rich Fishing Waters

The Pembroke Coast is a fishing haven during the summer months, attracting anglers from all over. With its rugged cliffs and stunning coastal scenery, Pembroke offers a unique backdrop for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Fishing from the rocky outcrops along the coastline can yield great rewards, with species like wrasse, bass, and pollock being common catches. Be sure to pack appropriate footwear and take care when fishing from the rocks to ensure safety.

If you’re new to fishing or prefer guided experiences, local fishing guides are available for hire. They possess extensive knowledge of the area’s fishing hotspots and can offer valuable tips to enhance your chances of landing a prized catch.

For a more comprehensive fishing adventure, charter boats are readily available from ports like Milford Haven. Aboard these boats, you can venture further offshore to catch larger species like blue shark, conger eel, and rays. Charter trips often include the necessary fishing gear, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm.

Llyn Peninsula: A Serene Fishing Getaway

The Llyn Peninsula, located on the northwest coast of Wales, offers a tranquil fishing escape during July and August. This region boasts a mix of beaches, coves, and estuaries, each providing a unique fishing experience.

Pwllheli, Abersoch, and Nefyn are popular spots for beach and rock fishing. Here, you can catch bass, mullet, mackerel and flounder while enjoying the peaceful coastal ambiance.
For a more adventurous outing, charter boats from Pwllheli and Porthmadog offer deep-sea fishing excursions. These trips take you further out to sea, where you can target bigger game fish, such as tope, huss, and sea trout.

Charter Boats in Summer: What to Expect

During the summer, charter boat fishing is at its peak in Wales. Charter operators offer various trips tailored to anglers’ preferences, from short family excursions to full-day offshore adventures.

When booking a Welsh charter boat, you can expect professional and experienced skippers who are familiar with the local fishing grounds. The boats are equipped with all necessary safety gear, fishing tackle, and bait, ensuring a comfortable and productive fishing experience.

While offshore, you might encounter a wide array of marine life, including seabirds, dolphins, and seals, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your trip.

Fishing In Wales - June Sea Fishing Report (16/06/2023)

The beautiful coastal waters of Wales offers fantastic opportunities for sea fishing enthusiasts in June. With a variety of species on the move and vibrant fishing locations, anglers can expect an exciting experience. Here’s a report highlighting some of the species that are commonly caught in June and the best places in Wales to target them.


June is a month where bass fishing Wales really comes to the fore, and these silver torpedoes provide thrilling action for anglers. You can find them all along the Welsh coastline, particularly in areas such as Pembrokeshire, Anglesey, and the Gower Peninsula. The estuaries, rocky outcrops, and surf beaches are excellent spots to target bass. Lures, bait, and fly fishing techniques can all be effective for hooking this prized game fish.


Mackerel are abundant in Welsh waters during June, forming massive shoals that migrate closer to the shore. Anglers can catch them from piers, jetties, and by boat. Popular locations include Aberystwyth, Llandudno, Tenby and Rhyl. Mackerel can be caught using small hooks and strips of mackerel as bait,  feather rigs cast from the shore, spinners, or by drift fishing with flashy mackerel feathers.

family friendly mackerel fishing trip



Pollack are another exciting species to target during June, known for their aggressive strikes and powerful fighting abilities. Look for them around rocky marks, wrecks, and kelp beds. Some excellent locations for pollack fishing in Wales are Holyhead, Llyn Peninsula, St David’s, Cardigan Bay, and Milford Haven. Artificial lures like shads and soft plastics, as well as live bait such as sandeels, can attract these voracious predators.


June also brings good opportunities for catching smooth-hound, a popular species among Welsh anglers. These hard-fighting fish can be found in sandy areas and estuaries, with Rhyl, Aberthaw, Aberafan, Burry Port and Swansea Bay being productive spots. Anglers often use fish baits like peeler crabs, sandeel or squid on a two-hook paternoster rig to target smooth-hound. A good reel with a solid drag is recommended due to their powerful runs.

Smooth hound fishing Wales

Conger Eel:

For those seeking a challenge, targeting conger eels in Welsh waters can provide an exhilarating experience. These heavyweight creatures inhabit wrecks, reefs, and deep water marks. Some hotspots for conger eel fishing include the Menai Strait, Sully Island, Bristol Channel and Barry Dock. Heavy-duty tackle with wire traces and large baits such as whole fish or squid is essential when pursuing these powerful predators.

With the diverse range of species and stunning coastline Wales offers, June promises excellent sea fishing opportunities. Grab your gear, head to the Welsh shores, and enjoy an unforgettable angling adventure!

Remember: Always prioritize your safety by checking tides, weather conditions, and informing someone about your fishing plans.

Images: Dave Lewis and Foreshore Fishing for Locals FB page.

Fishing In Wales - March Sea Fishing Report (29/03/2023)

It’s been a really rough few weeks this March, with bad weathering hampering a lot of sea fishing activity. Things start to happen in March and into April though.

Rays form the focus of many anglers’ attention, both afloat and from the shore. Monknash Vale of Glamorgan is throwing up lots of spotted rays now. Blonde’s are also starting to show in bigger numbers. A good example below of a big blonde ray caught by Richard Cox, bottom left on a sandeel bait in the Penarth area. John Fishlock below right, with a nice thornback from Cardiff foreshore. John also had a bonus codling.

sea fishing reports wales

Tim Hughes spent a few days on the coast at the Knap and around Barry Island. He was rewarded with some blonde rays and of course dogfish, despite the poor weather. A few nice shore caught cod are showing up on the Barry marks in with the rays, including Friars Point and White Light.

The Severn Bridge Bristol Channel marks are still throwing up plenty of codling.

Young Max Worsey landed his PB Bass over the weekend, whilst fishing the Shore League at Marcross. This lovely bass was caught on a sandeel and bluey cocktail, Great catch!


Dogfish are very prevalent at the moment, with huge catches in areas such as the Mumbles, Swansea. They can provide good sport and it beats a blank.

Holyhead breakwater in North Wales has been producing lots of big bull huss. Morfa at Conwy has been producing a few nice bass. Pensarn beach has been a hotspot for whiting recently, along with the odd rockling.

Looking ahead to April – and hopefully better weather – all around the Welsh coastline anglers will be catching rays, flounder, dogfish, conger, huss and increasing numbers of bass. The latter can be caught from both our many classic surf beaches and rock marks, especially at the latter when the crabs begin their spring moult.

Cardigan Bay sees the first run of tope, again big females heavily in pup. Black bream will start to arrive by the end of the month. North Wales will be expecting the first tope, along with smoothounds, spurdogs and plaice.

Fishing In Wales - January/February Sea Fishing Report (07/02/2023)

January is traditionally a prime month for catching big cod throughout South Wales. Increasingly, however, anglers are keen to target other species, especially spurdogs, which can be caught in huge numbers fishing the deeper marks off the Glamorgan and Gower coastline.

Further west rock anglers target double figure bullhuss, whiting, conger and even, if the weather remains mild, an occasional bass from the surf. The tip of the Lleyn Peninsula is another noted bullhuss mark, while the Menai Straights offers sheltered fishing for whiting and codling.

February is arguably the toughest month for sea anglers. Spurdogs remain in abundance, and it is worth remembering that many of the very biggest cod caught off the Welsh coastline have been taken this month, an example of that can be seen below, Garry Addis with a new PB of 20lb 8oz taken in a boat just off Cardiff Foreshore.

big welsh cod

In February large numbers of flounder start to arrive on our surf beaches, while targeting more broken ground offers the chance of an early ray plus the inevitable dogfish.

Mumbles pier has proved to be a great venue for a beginner or for an action packed day out –  check out our video below. Sadly since this was shot in January the pier has closed temporarily for renovation, but it is worth fishing at nearby Knab Rock at high water for very similar fishing.

After heavy rainfall during the middle of January, the fishing for shore and boat anglers on the Bristol channel were hampered by the huge quantities of fresh water finding it’s way out to sea. But since the weather has settled, we have seen some nice bags of codling appearing.

Paul Melvin had a fantastic session on board the Charter boat ‘Tuskar 2’ skippered by Hayden Ross, using a mixture of fresh worm and frozen squid.

Bass are still being caught regularly around Welsh coasts, our milder winters are keeping them inshore. We have heard of an 8lb 3oz bass captured on Penarth pier. Please note, all bass must be returned in January, February and December of 2023. After March 1st you can keep bass of over 42cm, with a bag limit of 2 fish per day.

Plenty of big bull huss are being caught, especially Menia straits Anglesey and West Wales marks. Sea fishing guide Gareth Griffiths below, with a cracking bull huss captured last week.

bull huss fishing


Fishing In Wales - December Sea Fishing Report (14/12/2022)

Through December many anglers will be focussed on cod and whiting, though plenty of other species can be found at rock marks, including bull huss and conger.

Offshore many anglers’ fish almost exclusively for cod, but can expect rays, huss, conger and others. Provided not too much fresh water is running, this is prime time for estuary flounder.

Winter codding has kicked off in the cold, wintery nights. Anthony King with a 17lb shore caught giant below, from a Bristol Channel Mark.

Lots of coddling are coming out on the boats, Ben Beal, below out on the White Water Charters, SWSA Christmas get together. It is a great time to get on a Welsh charter, with the weather being so settled. You can find them all here.

Despite cold conditions bass are still to be found around our shores, even in December, as water temps have been above 8 degrees. Joe Shaw, the man behind Catch and Cook Kayak Fishing below, with an 8lb lure caught bass from Pembrokeshire.

Another venue that has been good for bass is Barry Dock, where fish can be caught on lure and bait right through the winter months.

Conwy estuary has been producing coddling and whiting in good numbers. Mostyn beach has reports of 20 plus whiting. Holyhead breakwater is also a good bet for whiting in prolific numbers and Anglesey marks are still producing thornback rays.

West Wales marks have been producing big conger, bull huss and still the odd bass, even the odd shore caught tope.

Sea Fishing Report - October 2022 (19/10/2022)

October is a transitional month that sees the summer species go on a final feeding binge before moving offshore, along with the welcome arrival of the winter species. A great time for bass, especially if we experience an Indian Summer when the fishing can be outstanding. If the weather remains settled this is the month many of the largest sharks are caught offshore, too.

Estuary fishing for flounder gets underway. The first codling and whiting move inshore. Absolute peak time for catching the various species of ray, notably the increasing number of blonde ray off the Glamorgan coast. Richard Cox and Ben Beal of Garry Evans Tackle (below) with blonde rays from the Sand Spit at Lavernock. Caught on a pulley pennel rigs baited with large sandeel.

ray fishing wales

Swanasea West pier has been producing lots of big bass, with some fish to 9lb 11oz reported recently. Mumble pier is also a good spot at this time of year, after a recent fire it has now re-opened and is fishing well. Marks around Dale in Pembrokeshire are also producing good bass, as is Cardigan bay around Aberystwyth and Towyn.

Anglesey and Llyn peninsula are still fishing well for summer species, including wrasse, gurnard, wrasse and thornback ray.

Cod season is starting up, with some really good signs already. Fishing Guide Gareth Griffiths (below) had this double whilst fishing a mark near Sulley. A few other doubles have been reported. A fair number of codling are being caught around the Severn bridge area, black lug being the best bait.

Cod fishing Wales

A giant 900lb tuna has been caught in Welsh waters, the biggest fish recorded on rod and line. Simon Batey and friend Jason Nott caught the Atlantic bluefin tuna off the Pembrokeshire coast. The huge 9ft (2.82m) fish was caught, measured and then released while fishing in an area of the Irish Sea known as the Celtic Deeps, approximately 30 miles off the west Wales coast. During the hour-long struggle, Mr Batey passed the rod to Mr Nott, from Cwmaman, Rhondda Cynon Taf, while working with skipper Andrew Alsop. It was measured from the nose to the fork of the tail while a globally recognised formula then gives an approximate weight. Video of the fish below.

Andrew Alsop, of Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan, captains one of only six boats in Wales licensed under the new tuna catch and release tagging (Chart) scheme.

Well done to everyone involved in bringing the Bluefin Tuna sport fishery to Wales! It is sure to be a big draw for angling tourism in the future.

Sea Fishing Report - September (05/09/2022)

For the sea angler September can often be the most productive month of the year. September is the month bass anglers’ dream of. The shark fishing will be at its absolute peak, the mullet fishing will be excellent, and general fishing from rock, beach and offshore the length and breadth of the country will deliver tremendous sport, with summer species still in evidence and a peak time for catching rays.

It’s been a good summer for bass fishing in Wales, with plenty of good sized fish found all over Wales, with lure anglers doing well in the clear waters which haven’t been clouded by rainwater with the rivers being so dry. There have been multiple catches of Bass on lures from Port Talbot long arm, Ogmore estuary, Pembrokeshire Dale area, Aberystwyth and Anglesey plus many more locations.

Check out the two double figure specimens below, Darren Jackson Port Talbot area and John Webb from Holyhead breakwater. Both around 12lb.

bass fishing in Wales

Bass fishing will continue to be excellent for the next few months, right through autumn and into early winter since the water temperatures will remain high for some time yet.

Wrasse fishing off rock marks can also be good in autumn at this time of year, Jake Jones below with a cracker from the Pembroke area around Manobier.

wrasse fishing Wales

Charter boats from all over Wales are reporting various summer species – rays, mackerel, bull huss and in the Celtic deeps blue shark. Below, Terry Bromwell with a Bull Huss caught on a private boat and also a big Blonde ray from the Glamorgan coast, taken on Tusker 2 Charter.

sea fishing in Wales

Tope are a fantastic sporting fish, especially when caught from the shore. John Tyzak visited recently with Rob Redman, a local fishing guide, in the Barmouth area. The result was a shore caught specimen of over 30lb on a mackerel flapper, which also accounted for some nice bass on the same night.

welsh tope fishing

Prospects look great for the coming months, so get out there and enjoy the Welsh coasts!

Fishing In Wales - June Sea Fishing Report (28/06/2022)

June has been a fairly settled and warm month for the most part, great conditions for the Smooth-hounds! Vale of Glamorgan coasts have been rife with hounds, marks such as Newton Point, Sker and Morfa beach have all been worth visiting. Further west Bury Port has also been a hound hotspot. Ben Beal (below) with a PB at 11lb 15oz.

smooth hound fishing wales

Bass have also been figuring highly in the catches, especially from rock marks in the Gower and Pembrokeshire. Jake Jones (below) reports a bumper catch of bass on lures from the Gower along with some bonus mackerel.

bass fishing Wales

Bait fishing from rocks or surf will produce bass, and as the water starts to clear, so will lure fishing. For the very best fishing you should look to target fish at dawn and dusk, or better still fish at night. Offshore; June is a magical month. Fresh mackerel for bait will be widely available and with fresh bait catch rates will soar for tope, bream, bass, rays, smoothounds. Offshore wrecks will be at their peak. With July ahead, Wales marks the beginning of our shark season. Blue sharks move inshore averaging 70-100lb, though much bigger fish are commonly taken. A few years ago one boat fishing out from Milford Haven released 57 blue shark in one day!

Golden grey mullet will be found in large numbers at many southern and western surf beaches, as will thin and thick lips. Mid Wales, Clarach and Abersytwyth are fishing well, plus Barmouth area up to Harlech in the various estuaries where you can expect a lot of bass, mullet and also flatties.

Below Daz Jackson with a cracking mullet and also a bonus bass, from Port Talbot area.

sea fishing in Wales

Charter boats are reporting good catches of all the summer species, Bream, mackerel, bull-huss and of course bass are now being caught in Cardigan bay and around Anglesey and Llyn Penninsula.

Amlwch breakwater produces corkwing wrasse, ballan wrasse, pollack, pouting, scorpion fish and dabs to LRF lure tactics. There are also garfish and mackerel about now, good fun on lures/feathers. Pwllheli throws up a variety of species off the rock marks, including conger, huss and thornback rays. If you want a North Wales hound, Talacre near Holywell is always worth a try.

Mario Asprou (below) has now been confirmed as the new Tope shore caught record holder – the 82lb 10oz monster was caught off from Stumble Head, Pembrokeshire. Congratulations Mario!

welsh record tope

Fishing In Wales - April/May Sea Fishing Report (18/05/2022)

April and May 2022 have seen a lot of good ray fishing so far, with decent small eye, blonde and spotted figuring in the catches. Marks such as the Knap, Monknash and the sand spit at Penarth are worth trying, always a good chance of a ray, make sure you bring some sandeel with you. Anglesey and Lleyn shore and boat marks are also experiencing the main ray species in numbers. Bristol Channel charter boats are in full swing with many big blonde rays starting to show. Below – Ben Beal with some nice Welsh rays from Barry.

ben beal sea fishing

As we write this in mid-May the Smooth-hounds have begun their annual appearance all over Welsh coasts. This hard fighting species is strong fighter and well worth fishing for. Marks such as Morfa at Port Talbot, Aberafan, Mumbles, Knab rock and Llantwit Major are all now starting to produce hounds in good numbers. In North Wales Talacre can be a prolific Smooth-hound area at low tide, a long walk but worth it. Prestatyn is also worth a try for hounds in early summer. Peeler crab is a favoured bait for them, the smell draws them in very quickly. That said they will also take baits such as squid, mackerel, bluey and sandeel. Below – Tim Hughes with Smooth-hounds from Vale of Glamorgan coast.

smooth hounds

Tope are also making a big appearance now, from West Wales marks and charter boats in particular, there have been reports of monster Tope to over 50lb caught from the shore in Pembrokeshire.

All around the Welsh coastline currently anglers will also be catching flounder, dogfish, conger, huss and increasing numbers of bass. The latter can be caught from both our many classic surf beaches and rock marks, especially at the latter when the crabs begin their spring moult. Reports of lots of school bass to 46cm  already. We have also heard of many mullet being caught, Daz Jackson below with a fine specimen from Neath estuary area.

welsh mullett fishing

Fishing In Wales - March Sea Fishing Report (28/03/2022)

March is a fairly slow month for sea fishing overall, with rays being the main species along our coasts. Check out the 12lb 7oz Thornback ray below captured from the Knap at Barry, and also a nice Blonde ray from Tuskar 2 out of Penarth, weight 17lb by Matt Hawkins.

ray fishing wales

Other species include dog-fish and conger eel. Spring cod are still out there, with good catches being reported from some of the charter boats operating in the Bristol Channel.

Bass have been reported already, which is good news! Anglers in Pembrokeshire have reported catches already, Jonathan Williams bottom left with a west Wales lure caught fish from March. Sean Thomas, bottom right, reported bass to 6lb on a recent session from south Wales mark near Port talbot. Bass fishing should only get better from now.

bass fishing wales coast

There have also been catches of school bass, thornback ray and flounder off Anglesey and Pwllheli

Few anglers fish our surf beaches in March and early April, which is a shame, as this is the month when some of the biggest surf caught specimens are taken; sandeel is a top bait.

Mullet have also been spotted in south and west Wales, this must be due to the warm weather of late.

In recent years March and April has yielded some of the biggest smoothounds of the year, including specimens of over 20 lbs. However, these are heavily pregnant females so please treat them with care, and release as quickly as possible. As we head into April the hounds should start showing up in good numbers and offer sea angler most welcome sport.

Fishing In Wales - Sea Fishing Report February 2022 (23/02/2022)

February is arguably the toughest month for sea anglers. The horrendous weather has put a stop to fishing over the past week, and the swells will continue to be dangerous for days to come on certain marks.

For charter boat anglers Spurdogs remain in abundance, and it is worth remembering that many of the very biggest cod caught off the Welsh coastline have been taken this month. Large numbers of flounder start to arrive on our surf beaches, while targeting more broken ground offers the chance of an early ray plus the inevitable dogfish.

Some nice bass have been caught, brace below for Drew Abraham weighing 4lb and 7lb from an undisclosed south Wales mark. It seems with our warmer climate bass of this stamp can be caught all year round – and can crop up at random at a wide variety of locations.

bass fishing wales

Codling are coming off Cardiff/Penarth area, 8 reported from the beach to the side of Penarth pier of around 1lb in weight by Chris Short in the aftermath of storm Franklin. There are also a few spotted ray coming off the south Wales coast. Codling to 3lb and small congers are also being reported in Bristol channel and marks between Barry and the Severn Bridge. Rhosneigr beach at low water is also producing codling, with several reported recently.

Before the storms some big cod were caught including the 18lb 2oz below, caught on the Sea Leopard out of Penarth marina on 4th February. As the seas calm, Charters will be back in action with a vengeance, you can look up every skipper in Wales here.

18lb 2oz Welsh cod

Flounder are a winter staple in the many estuaries of Wales, as long as freshwater isn’t pushing through at a rate of knots. Jake Jones and Friend Sam (below) had some nice flatties on the Usk estuary at Newport, near the A48 bridge just before the floods, best one 31.5cm.

flat fish Wales

Whiting are still about at this time of year, reliable whiting marks include Aberystwyth, Pensarn, Mostyn Dock and Mumbles Pier.

For a full list of sea fishing marks in Wales, you can explore our map here – click on the pin for the mark, then click ‘find out more’ to take you to the entry.

Fishing In Wales - Sea Fishing Report January 2022 (18/01/2022)

January is traditionally cod season and we have seen some really good fish so far. There are reports of many double figure cod, especially on the Bristol channel based charter boats. Below: Darren Ryan of Sea leopard charter with a cracking brace of cod.

welsh cod

Blonde, small eyed and thornback rays are still figuring highly in the catches, with some good ones being caught off the usual South Wales marks such as Lavernock sand spit. Ben Beal captured a new PB ray on the spit recently, a cracking blonde of 19lb 8oz.

ben beal sea fishing

There are still some bass about and even smooth-hounds, which says a lot about our increasingly warm winters.

A potential shore caught record tope was captured in late December in Pembrokeshire. The 82lb Specimen was captured by Mario Asprou. An incredible capture and a fish of a lifetime! (Image credit TronixPro)

welsh shore caught tope

Fishing In Wales - Sea Fishing Report November 2021 (23/11/2021)

November is traditionally cod season and it has indeed started with promise. There are reports of many double figure cod between 10lb and 16lb being caught off Welsh coasts, especially around Barry, and Cardiff to Redwick area. A fantastic example below, 12lb 5oz captured by Jon Henson.

cod fishing wales

The recent CBYC cod fishing competition out of Cardiff bay saw a good number of big cod caught, 20 or so double figure fish made the weigh in stand, with the winning fish at 16lb 6oz. Although there was some controversy over the weigh in process with boats stuck in log jam outside the barrage gates. Cod prospects will continue to be excellent, with cold high pressure weather continuing to dominate the forecast.

Blonde and small eyed Rays are still figuring in the catches, with some good ones being caught off the usual South Wales marks such as Sully Island. Also expect to catch conger and late bass, which will figure in the catches well over the next few weeks. Check out this cracking 12lb 4oz bass caught by Dean Roper near Sully, which was returned.

Welsh bass fishing

As well as south Wales coast, Pembrokeshire and Anglesey will be some of the best areas for early winter bass. Bass can also still be found in the estuaries of mid-Wales such as Aberdyfi and at Abersytwyth, where you will find bass along with whiting and plentiful dogfish.

The llyn peninsula is fishing well for bull huss and some late tope. Trefor and Nefyn beach are good places for a codling, or a late bass. Pwllheli is producing huss and congers, as well as dabs and whiting. Overall, November has seen some excellent sea fishing in Wales and it should continue next month.

Fishing In Wales - Sea Fishing Report September/October (20/10/21)

September and October so far have been good months for bass fishing. We have had many reports of superb bass off Welsh coasts, including multiple catches of fish on lures from Port Talbot long arm, Ogmore estuary, Pembrokeshire Dale area, Aberystwyth and Anglesey. Guide Mathew Rickard recently reported 40 bass to 5.5lb around the Towyn area from his boat.

Mullet have also been showing in the catches, with some great numbers beings seen on the south Wales surf beaches of late, especially to the fly rod – Darren Jackson below.

mullet fishing wales

For the rest of October and indeed November prospects for bass and mullet will be excellent as the sea takes a long time to cool down, providing of course we have some pleasant weather. There are still some mackerel about in Cardigan bay and even some garfish, which can be caught on rock marks float fishing.

The first cod of the year are showing in the Bristol channel – check out the 12lb cod (below) from Barry area, caught by Steve Parsons.

cod fishing wales

There are also lots of summer species still about – especially rays and the odd smooth-hound, as caught by Terry Bromwell (below) off Porthkerry from a friend’s boat. The sand spit near Penarth is fishing really well for rays – good chance here of a double figure blonde.

boat fishing in Wales

Mumbles pier Swansea is producing well, with tub gurnard featuring regularly in the catches. Also bull-huss and the usual dogfish.

In North Wales the llyn peninsula is fishing consistently for a variety of species – including huss, conger, pollack and mackerel, plus a few tope still to be caught from the shore off deep rock marks.

Out of Rhyl charter boats such as Jensen Sea Angling are reporting dabs, whiting, dogs, rays, huss and bass, with action being fast and furious. Up the coast at Traeth Pensarn anglers are catching bass, small rays and lots of whiting.

For November into December cod should start to show up more and more as the summer species move away. But for now you cannot beat October as a fantastic month, when nearly anything can be caught off Welsh coasts.

Fishing In Wales - July/August Sea Fishing Report (18/08/2021)

While the freshwater fishing suffered during the heatwave of July, sea fishing in Wales was booming, with many of the usual summer species being in abundance – including smooth-hounds, various rays, mackerel, tope, bull huss, conger, flounder, Mullet and even blue shark. Below: Tim Hughes enjoying Monknash

monknash sea fishing

Bass fishing with lures and bait and also wrasse fishing was very productive – and will continue to be so well into late summer. In mid Wales, Clarach and Abersytwyth are fishing well, plus Barmouth area up to Harlech in the various estuaries where you can expect a lot of bass and also flatties.

Some of marks on the Glamorganshire coasts fished well for bass, including on the lures thanks to the Bristol channel being clearer than usual due to the lack of rain. Below: Jake Jones with a Llantwit bass.

bass fishing Wales

Talking of the Bristol channel, Jeremy Wade visited Wales for an Angling Trust event. Some great fishing was to be had on charter boat Tusker 2, with real medley of species coming to the net – including rays, conger and bass. Now is a great time to hire a skipper and enjoy some fantastic action afloat. A lot of skippers are offering inexpensive family friendly 4 hour trips with all tackle supplied, so well worth taking the family out to enjoy. Below: Jeremy Wade fishing out of Cardiff bay (on a cold early August day!)

rays jeremy wade

In north Wales Pensarn is fishing well for bass, as is Hell’s mouth off the Llyn Peninsula. Off Anglesey there is plenty of action almost everywhere, including Amlwch for some nice wrasse off the rocks and Moelfra for bass.

Prospects look great for the rest of August into September – expect more of the same with summer species – especially bass and rays – to be featuring heavily in the catches. For the adventurous then a charter trip to the Celtic deeps out of Pembroke for blue sharks should be on your bucket list for this month and for the next if the calm weather holds.

Fishing In Wales - June Sea Fishing Report (30/06/2021)

Early June was tough due to the weather, but it soon improved allowing for some fun charter boat fishing. Tope started to appear in the catches, especially in Cardigan bay. We joined Epic Fishing along with Rob Hughes (below) and Julian Lewis Jones for a great day on the tope in early June. Full report can be read here.

Welsh tope

Bream, mackerel, bull-huss and of course bass are now being caught in Cardigan bay – great fishing, make sure you make the most of it while the weather lasts!

Smooth-hounds are being caught almost all over Wales currently, with the Vale of Glamorgan area perhaps being the most productive part of the coast. Many of these hounds can run into double figures. They fight hard and provide tremendous summer sport. Rays of all species are also about in good numbers, and marks such as Monk-Nash and Ogmore deeps are throwing up rays regularly.

smoothhounds fishing wales

Pembrokeshire is producing some nice wrasse on the rock marks, often to lure fishing methods such as soft plastic jigs. This method of course also catches bass and pollack at marks such as St David’s.

Regarding bass fishing, Milford Haven Marina is fishing well for them – peeler crab being the best bait. Llansteffan beach near Carmarthen is another bass hot-spot reports of over 20 bass in a session here recently. Ogmore estuary at Southerndown is another great location – especially if fishing lures at dusk as the tide floods in. Abersoch is fishing well for bass on the Llyn peninsula. Fishing In Wales contributor ‘Daz’ is having a great bass season, fishing the Port Talbot area from the shore and afloat. He’s had a ton of bass on lures and the fly recently – one of many below!

bass fishing wales

Anglesey has been producing some fine sea fishing for a mix of species, Amlwch breakwater producing corkwing wrasse, ballan wrasse, pollack, pouting, scorpion fish and dabs to LRF lure tactics. There are also garfish and mackerel about now, good fun on lures/feathers. Pwllheli is producing a variety of species off the rock marks, including conger, huss and thornback rays. If you want a north Wales hound, Talacre near Holywell is worth a try.

July should be great for all of the summer species – especially on the charter boats. You can find all of the Charter skippers in Wales here.

Fishing In Wales - May Sea Fishing Report (25/05/2021)

May hasn’t been a pleasant month so far, wind and rain making it tricky. For those who have fished it’s been cartilaginous fish city – with rays, smooth-hound, bull-huss and dogfish featuring most frequently in the catches, with bass, flounder, conger and pollock also appearing.

Below: A selection of the species being caught all over Wales currently (pics Hayden Ross)

sea fishing in wales

Along Glamorganshire and south Wales coasts Barry at the Knap has been producing rays to double figures and the odd surprise bass to nearly 6lb. Penarth pier is seeing thornback rays and dog fish. Mumbles pier has been producing hounds as well as the usual doggies. Swansea west pier has been producing big bull huss – a big drop net is an essential here. Monknash is producing rays, but you might struggle to get through the endless doggies there. Tim Hughes (below) with a Monknash ray.

monknash sea fishing

Down at Pembrokeshire, Pollack are being caught on some rock marks, Joe Shaw below, caught this cracking 7lb pollack whilst fishing one of his local marks using soft plastic lures.

pollack fishing

On the north Wales coast, Talacre and Mostyn has been producing rays, dabs and dogfish, with smooth-hounds starting to show up, although its been a bit slow. These marks however should start fishing much better when the rain stops. Holyhead breakwater is producing lots of big bull-huss into double figures, the back wall particularly productive. Any fish bait (sandeel, mackerel, bluey etc.) fished in low light conditions should pick them up. Expect also to run into conger.

All of the charter boats have been having fast and furious action – whenever the weather has allowed them to get out. Again, focus is on rays, hounds, bull huss and dogfish. Eyes are on tope for next month, as it warms up. Bass fishing should start coming into its own soon, with the estuaries and marks off west Wales and Ceredigion producing fish to bait and lures.

Fishing In Wales - March/April Sea Fishing Report (21/04/2021)

With travel restrictions eased in late March sea fishing activity has increased substantially, with lots of anglers hitting the beaches and rock marks all over Wales. For charter boats, confusingly, they seem to have been classed as ‘ Outdoor attractions’ (same category as theme parks) so it seems they will have to wait to officially resume operating on 26th April.

From what we gather it was a disappointing cod season, with an absence of larger fish and numbers of codling. Of course with reduced fishing activity and no charter boats this is hard to gauge. A few codling are still coming out.

The fishing in the early spring is generally quite slow, and water temperatures are very low for time of year.  But things have picked up with plenty of rays of all species being caught, some early smooth-hounds and some large early season bass, which can be caught using peeler crab. Dogfish are out in force and are literally crawling up the rods at many of the popular marks. A few Conger have been also caught, along with some bull-huss.

Image below of a big spring bass from Llanelli area:

Bass fishing Wales

Good marks at the moment for a mixture of species include Witches point, Pendine sands, Ogmore deeps, Aberafan and Barry off the points. Marks at Aberystwyth, Knab rock, Monknash and Cardiff barrage have all been pretty slow. This should of course change with some warmer weather – smooth-hounds in particular will continue to build in numbers, alongside more and bigger rays. Bass fishing will be on the horizon with warmer temperatures, spots to look out for will include the Gower beaches, the estuaries of mid-Wales and Pembrokeshire.

It will be really interesting to see how the charter boats fare when they are allowed out again.

The pictures below show some of the fish being caught around Welsh coasts currently. (Image credits Foreshore Fishing Facebook page)

sea fishing wales

Fishing In Wales - November/December Sea Fishing Catch Report (16/12/2020)

The winter Sea fishing started well – some really nice cod were caught in November from the shore and on the charters.

The shore fishing for the cod has really slowed down the past week or two, there is a lot of debate about why this is, including trawler activity or that the fish have moved offshore and to the other side of the Bristol channel to feed. The boats however are still doing really well for the cod, provided the weather allowed them to get out. To find a charter boat in Wales check out our dedicated page.

Cod from Tuskar 2 boat Cardiff bay.

wales cod fishing

We’ve heard of some really big pouting being caught this year – many over 2lb which is a specimen size. Robert Cole of WFSA had a great day on the pouting on a charter out of Pembrokeshire, check out the mega pouting below, proper specimens.

pouting fishing Wales

It’s been very mild so most summer species are still about – including rays into double figures from Cardiff foreshore area. The nice 11lb 11oz thornie below was captured by Paul Clayton of Chepstow. Blondes to 20lb are still being reported to charter boats and at the Sand spit Lavernock. A few bass are still being reported at various marks, for example at Ogmore.

Predictably there are lots of doggies about and also whiting in good numbers, especially Swansea area around the mumbles, Aberystwyth and Penarth pier. Although small these fish provide good sport. Charlotte Bullen (below) of the lady Hookers club had a good session with 17 doggies and 6 whiting at Swansea.

The Cardiff barrage has been a bit slow according to reports, although we hope this should pick up soon with some cold weather.

Winter charter boat fishing out of Milford Haven and St David’s during the calm cold spells has been very productive. Lots of species about including herring, pouting, mackerel, ling and pollack.

Julian Lewis Jones fished out of St David’s recently and had some great action winter wrecking, which is a relatively new thing. Should the weather be calm and cold it will be well worth a try. Check out the images below of Julian’s successful day with skipper Padrig Rees of Blue shark charters.

Fishing In Wales - October Sea Fishing Catch Report (20/10/2020)

October is a great month for bass fishing. We have had many reports of great bass fishing, including multiple catches of fish on lures from the Port Talbot area by ‘Daz’ Jackson, who fishing with his son Ben has had several sessions with over 20 fish.

The area around Mid Wales has been fishing well, With Hywel Morgan fishing around Aberystwyth and Matthew Rickard (fishing guide) around Barmouth catching plenty of bass with his clients. Bass fishing will carry on for another month or two at least, so don’t hang up the bassing rods quite yet!

Image: Client of Matthew Rickard

Bass fishing Wales

Charter boat angling has been on fire, with big rays still being caught in the Bristol channel, as well as conger and the odd late hound. Picture below from Tusker 2 charter customer Simon Holmes with a fantastic 21.5lb blonde Ray.

Cod fishing is now underway, with some nice cod and codling showing up in the catches especially south Wales marks such as Cardiff foreshore, llantwit major and Ogmore deeps. The cracking double below was caught by Shaun Tucker at Ogmore recently.

Cod fishing Wales

Due to COVID-19 virus a national ‘Fire break’ lock-down is coming to Wales from 6pm 23rd October to 9th November. This is going to affect angling, since you will not be allowed to drive to fish, only walk from home if you are fortunate to be near a suitable mark on the coast. Charter boats will be closed during this time, and anglers from outside Wales will not be allowed to visit. More details can be found here.

Fishing In Wales - September Sea Fishing Catch Report (22/09/2020)

The sea fishing in Wales in September has been fantastic with lots of fish about, including a a mixture of all of the summer species such as bream, bass, rays, smooth-hound and even some early cod. Its a great month for sea angling so make sure you get out there.

Epic Fishing trips Newquay reported over 150 bream recently, with Cardigan Sea Angling Club.

bream fishing West Wales

Tuskar 2 Charters out of Cardiff bay landed over 100 fish at Aberthaw including some cracking double figure rays. There are also tope, hounds and some big early cod being reported in the Bristol channel, which bodes well for the cod fishing this autumn.sea fishing Wales
The bass fishing continues to be great off the Ceredigion coast. Hywel Morgan has been fishing for them regularly using lures, and is doing well. Check out the specimen caught yesterday whilst fishing on a friends boat near Aberystwyth.

Bass fishing Wales

Bass fishing will be getting even better in October – its one of the best months if we have fine weather, so don’t hang up your bassing rods yet!!

Wrasse fishing off rock marks can also be good in autumn at this time of year. The lovely fish below was caught by Lloyd P of Garry Evans Tackle in Cardiff on a lure off the Pembroke coast recently.

wrasse fishing wales

On the mullet front, Anglers such as Darren ‘Daz’ Jackson have been catching well on the fly and using bread. Check out the lovely mullet below, caught by Daz recently off the coast near Port Talbot, part of a 9 fish haul.

Mullet fishing Wales

Fishing In Wales - July/August Sea Fishing Report (19/08/2020)

Sea fishing has remained good through July and August – Smooth hounds and rays are still there to be caught in good numbers, especially off the South Wales coast at places like Monknash and Sker point. Best baits  for the hounds are peeler crab, but sandeel and squid will also work.

Smooth hound fishing Wales

The National Mullet Club held a fish-in at Swansea on 8th and 9th August, which went well with quite a few caught. There do seem to be a few more mullet about this year off the Welsh coast.

Bass are now here in force – they are being caught all over Wales. August is a really good month for them, especially lure and fly fishing whenever the weather is settled. Check out the nice bass below captured by ‘Daz’ Jackson a Welsh saltwater lure/fly specialist.

bass fishing in wales

Boat fishing in Wales is now back after a long lay off due to COVID (bear in mind the Welsh Government guidance) Skippers are reporting great catches of mackerel, tope, bream, rays and smooth hound. Look out for a film we made with Epic Fishing Trips Newquay in the near future, we had some great fishing out in Cardigan bay with them.

Rob Hughes sea fishing Wales

For those with a kayak now is great time to get out and try for the bass. David Hoppe has had some great sport off the North Wales coast recently using flies and lures.

Kayak fishing for bass in Wales