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Charter Boats - Fishing in Wales
Charter boat fishing Wales

Charter Boat Fishing in Wales


With dozens of coastal towns, many of which serve as tourist centres, Wales is a great place to hire a charter fishing boat. Our experienced skippers cater to the needs of individuals or large groups and will be able to take you out for excellent sport fishing along our spectacular marine coasts.

Sea fishing charter boats offer fishing all year round in Wales – from summer species such as bass, tope, shark and mackerel, to winter cod and giant conger eel, you will always find a charter boat operator who can take you to the best fishing.

Legend of New Quay cruising along


Sea Fishing in Wales

Sea fishing from a boat in Wales
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A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Piers, Harbours and Breakwaters

Offering easy access to deeper water, piers and other man-made structures provide great fishing for beginners and experts alike.

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Get Fishing - How to get into sea fishing

Thanks to a huge variety of habitats and species, Wales offers year-round sea fishing action. What’s more, sea fishing from the shore is free.

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