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Coarse Fishing in Wales - Fishing in Wales
Carp Lake Wales

Coarse Fishing In Wales

Places to go Coarse fishing in Wales

Use the interactive map below to find places to go coarse fishing in Wales.

Coarse Fishing In Wales

Wales has almost every coarse fishing species you can think of – from pike and perch, to carp, barbel and chubWelsh rivers, lakes, canals and fisheries provide coarse fishing of the highest calibre for visiting and local anglers. Our stunning geography and national parks provide a breath-taking backdrop for coarse fishing, where encountering another angler is a rarity. 
Wales is home to the record UK pike – a goliath specimen of 46lb 13oz (21.5 kg). Pike can be caught regularly to over 20lb, often from wild and secret places deep in the hills and remote valleys.  Perch are another species that grow big in Wales – specimens of 4lb plus are not unheard of, making Wales a paradise for predator anglers. 
Hard fighting barbel are found in three of our major rivers, the Wye, Severn and Taff,  the latter of which produces double figure fish to nearly 20lb with regularity. Plentiful chub can be found in the same rivers, where they can reach specimen sizes of 6 or even 7lb. 
Wales is blessed with scores of stillwater coarse fisheries – many of which offer excellent accommodation, easy access and facilities, alongside prime fishing for carp, bream, tench and silver fish. Let’s not forget our wild reservoirs and large lakes, where huge 100lb plus bags of bream and hybrids are waiting to be caught by anglers on any given day.

Rod Licence Reminder: To go freshwater fishing in Wales you will need to purchase a Natural Resources Wales (NRW) or Environment Agency (EA) fishing rod licence, in addition to a day ticket or season membership for the venue. You can easily purchase your freshwater licence HERE.


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