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Llyn y Gors - Fishing in Wales

Llyn y Gors

Llyn y Gors has 7 lakes:

The Beginners Lake, as its name suggests, is intended for those new to fishing, in particular children.

The Match Lake is 2½ acres and is stacked out with 11,000 plus fish, including carp, tench, bream, orfe, roach, perch , chub and barbel, and is said to be one of the fairest match lakes ever.

The Pleasure Lake – Llyn Y Gors was one of the first coarse fisheries in the country to introduce ghost carp into a mixed fishery – over ten years ago – with amazing results. Growth rates have been phenomenal, but the ghosties don’t have it all their own way. The lake is also stacked out with roach, rudd, tench, golden orfe, bream and perch (the record stands at over 4lb), as well as crucian carp.

Reed Lake is the new specialist lake at Llyn Y Gors with species such as Chub, Ide, Roach, Perch, Bream, Tench and Crucian Carp. Over 5,000 fish have been stocked into the lake with the biggest fish being the Tench with some of them weighing over7lb. Crucians over 2lb have been banked.

The Carp Lake is unique in North Wales. Originally created over 30 years ago and this mature tree-lined water of around 5 acres is home to a healthy stock of carp, pike and catfish. The carp stock of over 400 fish run from 8 lb to 34lb and the pike and catfish have been caught over 27 lb.

Thompson’s Pool has now matured into a beautifully secluded landscape full of wildlife since its opening on the 1st of May 2002. It holds over 51 carp – mostly in the 20 lb to 35 lb+ range – and 2 cats at around 33lb. But because these fish have a whole 2 and a half acres to themselves and the lake is rich in all sorts of natural food, it is estimated that we will soon be seeing forty pounders, especially since some of the fish are only 4 to 5 years and are a fast-growing strain.

The Karpium is one of the newest lakes built at Llyn Y Gors and has matured into a fantastic scenic lake since its creation. The 300 fish to 21lb that have already been stocked in there are feeding ng extremely well and also breeding successfully. The fish entered as virgin fish and have responded positively to angling sessions. The lake is also far deeper than any other lake at Llyn Y Gors with depths up to 14 foot allowing the fish to patrol wherever they want as well as giving an excellent fight when hooked.

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Llyn y Gors

Address Llandegfan
Menai Bridge
LL59 5PN
llyn y gors

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