Arctic char - Fishing in Wales

Arctic char

Arctic char

Salvelinus alpinus

Native to a handful of deep, cold mountain lakes in North Wales, the Arctic char is a relic of the ice age. Called Torgoch in Welsh (red belly) the char rarely grows to any size in Wales – a 30cm long fish would be a good one.

The Torgoch has been successfully introduced to several deep-water lakes and reservoirs in North Wales outside its original range. Known populations include Llyn Padarn, Bodlyn, Cowlyd, Cwellyn, Ffynon Llugwy, Diwaunedd and Dulyn. 

There is a stocked hybrid called the ‘spartic char’ which can be found in some small stillwater fisheries in Wales. This is a cross breed of American brook trout and arctic char and does not reproduce naturally.


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