Five fishing resolutions for the New Year

Wales has so much to offer for 2024, with angling opportunities in abundance for seasoned fishers or newcomers to the sport! Here we take a look at 5 New Years resolutions for the coming year.

1. Explore New Welsh Angling Locations: Resolve to explore and fish in new angling locations across Wales. From scenic lakes, fisheries and rivers, to the abundant coastal opportunities, Wales offers incredibly diverse fishing experiences. Make it a goal to discover at least a couple of new spots in the coming year.

2. Support Sustainable Fishing Practices: Commit to sustainable fishing practices by learning about fish-care guidelines and following catch and release, advocating for the conservation of Welsh fisheries ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same angling experiences. Take away any litter you find, participate in local clean-up events along water bodies organised by rivers trusts, and encourage responsible angling practices among your fellow anglers. Joining The Angling Trust as an individual member is a good way to support their work for the environment and for the future of the sport.

3. Explore a New Fishing Discipline in Wales: Challenge yourself by delving into a fishing discipline that you normally don’t practice, whether it is coarse fishing in Welsh lakes and canals, game fishing in the scenic rivers and streams, or sea fishing along the rugged coastline. Each angling discipline offers unique experiences and requires different skills, techniques and equipment that can be carried over into your usual type of fishing. Make it a goal to try one of the three main disciplines and expand your angling expertise in the coming year.

4. Engage in Community Fishing Events: Participate in local fishing events, competitions, and angling club days in Wales. These events offer the chance to connect with fellow anglers, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the fishing community in your area. Make it a resolution to attend a few such gatherings in the new year. Our ‘Events and competitions‘ pages will help you find them as will our directory of angling clubs.

5. Introduce Someone New to Fishing: Share the joy of fishing with a friend or family member who has never experienced it. Introducing someone new to this wonderful pastime can be a memorable and rewarding experience. Consider taking them on a fishing trip to one of Wales’ picturesque locations and teach them the art of angling. Look out for ‘Take a Friend Fishing‘ in 2024 where a rod licence is issued for free to somebody you take fishing.

Rod Licence Reminder: To go freshwater fishing in Wales you will need to purchase a Natural Resources Wales (NRW) or Environment Agency (EA) fishing rod licence, in addition to a day ticket or season membership for the venue. You can easily purchase your freshwater licence HERE.

Images: Tom Jehu Photography


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