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Caerphilly and District Angling Association: Castle Lakes - Fishing in Wales
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Caerphilly and District Angling Association: Castle Lakes

Caerphilly & District Angling Association has been providing local fishing in the Caerphilly area for over 68 years.

It’s largest and most popular water is Caerphilly Castle moat, which are a series of lakes, formerly the moat of Caerphilly castle, around 25 acres in area. This is a good specimen carp and pike lake.

Caerphilly Moat is the crown jewel of the club and Carp have been looked after so well, especially in the last three years. There are now 16 plus Carp topping 30lb with high numbers of doubles and upper doubles.

The Club have been active in holding junior Carp matches and will continue to do this, they have also had level two coaches from within the club undertaking educational days to help and support junior angler’s with fish care water craft etc, including supporting complete novices to the sport.

Other fish said to be found in the moat include roach, crucian carp, chub, rudd, tench, eels, bream and perch.

Day tickets are no longer available; the moat is only open for full members to fish. More details on the club website.



Image © Caerphilly & District Angling Association

Caerphilly and District Angling Association: Castle Lakes

Contact Name Brendan Adair (secretary)

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