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COVID-19 - Fishing in Wales
Fishing in Wales

Fishing In Wales COVID-19 Guidance

Fishing In Wales COVID-19 Guidance

Coronavirus lock-down rules in Wales must be considered by anglers, these are different to England.

Maintaining physical and mental well-being is important, but if you are fishing in Wales please follow and respect the Welsh Government coronavirus regulations and guidance.

A Welsh alert level 4 lock-down has been announced. This came into effect at midnight 19 th December and is continuing until further notice, with reviews every three weeks. The last review took place on 8th January 2021, the situation for angling has not changed.

During the level 4 alert people will be expected to stay at home with travel only allowed for essential reasons. Non-essential businesses will have to close. Therefore, during the alert level 4 lock-down travel to go fishing in Wales and travel to and from England to go fishing will be restricted.

Exercise (including fishing) will be allowed, either alone or with members of your household. However according to the Welsh Government regulations exercise should start and finish at home:

”Your exercise should start and finish from your home and generally, this should not involve people driving to a location away from home. However, we recognise that some people, such as those with specific health or mobility issues, may need to travel from their home in order to exercise.”

Effectively this means you should walk or cycle to the venue only, unless disability prevents you from being able too.

More information on exercise, outdoor activity and angling during an alert level 4 lock-down can be found here.

Key points for anglers:

  • Anglers resident in Wales can go fishing, if you can walk or cycle to a local venue (provided it is open and the species you intend to fish for are in season)
  • Anglers cannot drive to a venue, unless disability prevents you from being able to exercise without driving to somewhere suitable.
  • You should fish alone or with a member of your household only.
  • Non-essential businesses will close during this time, so expect fisheries that are run as businesses and tackle shops to be closed during the level 4 alert. Click and collect services can operate.
  • Outdoor meetings are banned, therefore no angling competitions should take place in Wales.
  • Welsh Anglers should not travel to England to fish, or take part in competitions in England.
  • Anglers from England should not travel into Wales to fish or go on an angling holiday during the level 4 alert lock-down.

We remind anglers to be mindful of Welsh Government Covid-19 regulations.

Please read Welsh Governments COVID-19 regulations before traveling to Wales here. Please also check Visit Wales latest Coronavirus information which covers travel restrictions to Wales.

We would urge anyone that has any concerns over their own health to use the NHS Coronavirus Symptom Checker.

If you have any questions relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit the Public Health Wales website.

Further COVID-19 information from Welsh Government and UK Government is updated on a regular basis.

The Angling Trust has a dedicated and comprehensive Coronavirus resource hub for angling organisations and individuals. It can be accessed here.