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Regular visitors may be wondering why we look so different! We’ve rebuilt the site from the ground up to take advantage of advances in mapping tech and make the site much more useful and easy to search.

Do let us know what you think.


This Home Page map shows just a SMALL RANDOM SAMPLE of our several hundred listings. Use the main Navigation on the top bar to explore all the other interactive map options.


PLEASE NOTE: This site aggregates publicly available information only. We cannot guarantee the legality nor safety of any fishing listed, nor the access thereto. We advise seeking local knowledge.

Fishing In Wales: Small LogoA Bit About Fishing In Wales

This site has been put together by a small team of Welsh anglers from a combination of personal knowledge, and what we have been able to find online and elsewhere.

We’re sorry there are quite a few entries with, at best, patchy information – we do add everything we can find on each location. And it’s always a ‘work in progress’, as we’re still adding new locations and updating exiting ones.

But if we’ve left something obvious out or got something wrong we do depend on visitors to help us out. So please get in touch and let us know.

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