Wales Women’s Carp Team – Trebby Story

They say you should never meet your idols – but for keen young fisherman Trebby Jones, his birthday wish was to meet his sporting idol – team captain for the Welsh Ladies Carp Team – Kayleigh Watkins.

The Welsh Ladies Carp Team is a low profile international women’s fishing team, that only those in the fishing industry would of heard of. The team first got together in 2015 and since then they have grown from strength to strength and are undergoing preparations for this years International season, with their hardest test in history, fastly approaching, as the team have been invited to their first Women’s Carp Fishing World Cup Championships which is being hosted to England later this year.

Fisherman Trebby Jones first met the Wales team during their Anglo Welsh Carp Cup match against the England Ladies Team down at Lamby Lake, Cardiff last year. This was the first time Trebby got to meet his idol and since that day, the keen fisherman speaks a lot about Kayleigh to his mum Lou Jones.

For those who don’t know Trebby, he has a life limiting illness called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Despite this it doesn’t stop him going out on his fishing adventures and becoming the angler he aspires to me.

Keith Llewellyn got in touch with Matthew Mountain from Carp Gear Giveaways and they both gathered the support from the carp fishing community across the whole of the UK and kitted the young fisherman out with all the fishing gear he needs to help him in his ambition of becoming a carp angler.

The Welsh Ladies Carp Team found out that Trebby was going to be fishing at a local venue at Cefn Mably Lakes, Cardiff on his 6th birthday and to make his day a-bit more special Team Manager Rhian Bomber and Team Captain Kayleigh Watkins surprised him while he was fishing.

They presented him with a signed flag by all the ladies on the team, and his very own team mascot T-shirt. Trebby was invited to attend the ladies first friendly international match against the REME Carpers at White Springs Fishery this April, where he will have the honours of being the teams mascot for the event.

Rhian ‘Bomber’ Thomas – Welsh Ladies team manager


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