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Tub Gurnard - Fishing in Wales

Tub Gurnard

Tub Gurnard

Chelidonichthys lucerna

Gurnard are a small predatory fish, found around most of Wales. There are several species, including the grey and red, but the tub gurnard is most common. It grows up to 5lb, but most catches are 2 – 3lb.

Gurnard are an unusual looking fish, with a large head which is armoured and spines around the body. They also have feelers that look like spindly legs under the head, which they use to ‘walk’ along the bottom. Gurnard take most baits, with worm and squid being best on small hooks. They also take lures, fished hard on the bottom. When brought in, they often let out a croaking sound. Gurnard are good to eat. 


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