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Lesser spotted Dogfish - Fishing in Wales

Lesser spotted Dogfish

Lesser spotted Dogfish

Scyliorhinus canicular

A small member of the shark family, Dogfish are extremely common around Wales and they can often be caught in huge numbers. Doggies will feed on pretty much any bait, presented on any rig! So, they turn up regularly in anglers catches.

This abundance coupled with a small size of 1lb to 3lb means that anglers often see dogfish as a pest. However, dogfish always provide a dependable catch on days when nothing else is going, they feed just as well in bright sunlight as they do at night.  

The dogfish lives and feeds on the seabed in relatively shallow water around Wales on almost every type of mark. Dogfish are a great species for the beginner or children to target – if they are there you will soon know about it! 



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