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November in Wales: A Fishing Challenge Awaits!

As November unfolds in Wales, the crisp air and changing landscapes signal the beginning of a spectacular angling season. Set your sights on a variety of fish species this autumn, each with its unique charm and challenge.

November’s species to aim for in Wales

Pike: November is a prime time for pike fishing in Wales. These apex predators are at their most active as they prepare for the winter, making them an exciting target for anglers. Explore our serene lakes and reservoirs for pike, as well as the mighty river Wye.

Grayling: Venture into the fast-flowing rivers and clear streams of Wales for a chance to catch the elusive grayling. These cold-loving fish come into their own during the winter months, providing an exquisite angling challenge for those in pursuit, whether on the fly or trotting a float.

Barbel: Seek the mighty barbel as they congregate in the slower-moving rivers and pools during November. These hard-fighting fish will test your angling skills and provide a thrilling catch to remember on rivers such as the Wye and Taff in Cardiff.

Perch: The ever-present perch in Welsh waters are a fantastic target throughout November. As the temperatures fall, these colourful fish become more active, promising a delightful angling experience. Find them in our many coarse fisheries, canals and in our larger lakes, where they can be fished for with lure or bait.

Coarse Fish: November is an excellent time for coarse fishing in Wales, before water temperatures drop significantly. From roach and rudd, to bream and tench, the country’s diverse stillwaters provide a wealth of opportunities to enjoy our wide variety of coarse fish species.

Rainbow Trout: For those who prefer the tranquil surroundings of small stillwater fisheries, November is an ideal time to target rainbow trout. These vibrant fish offer excellent sport thanks to cool water temperatures, and the peaceful ambiance of these waters makes for a serene fly angling experience.

Bass: If you prefer coastal angling, don’t miss the chance to reel in bass along the Welsh shoreline. November marks the end of the bass fishing season, offering you a final opportunity to catch these spirited fish before they head offshore for winter. Our milder winters prolong the season and in settled weather November can be surprisingly good for bass using fly, lure or bait.

Where to fish for them?

To find venues holding the species mentioned in this article, simply head to our ‘find fishing‘ maps. Select the species you are looking for from the list and hit ‘submit’ to filter. The map will then show all locations for that species. Clicking on a pin will lead you to the venue details and contact links.

Image credits: Thanks to Rhian Bomber (pike) Terry Bromwell (grayling) Kevin Clark (barbel) Charlotte Blick (perch) David Healey (bream) & Kim Tribe (bass). Social media cover image Adam Fisher Angling Dreams.

Rod Licence Reminder: To go freshwater fishing in Wales you will need to purchase a Natural Resources Wales (NRW) or Environment Agency (EA) fishing rod licence, in addition to a day ticket or season membership for the venue. You can easily purchase your freshwater licence HERE.


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