fishing the river rhymney

Fishing The River Rhymney – VIDEO

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Caerphilly Angling Association secretary Tom Jehu talks about fishing the River Rhymney, a post-industrial south Wales river that is full of fish life.


fishing is good for you

Fishing is good for you!! By Dave Lewis

It’s official, angling really is good for you! Of course anglers have known for many years that the benefits to…

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gludy lake fishing

Trout Fishing on Gludy Lake - Boat verses tube!

Ceri Thomas and Tim Hughes tackle Welsh small Stillwater fishery Gludy lake with two different methods afloat. Which one comes…

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river edw Wales fishing

Wild Streams Of Wales - VIDEO - Trout Fishing On The River Edw

Wales has many small rivers and streams packed full of wild trout. In this video Ceri Thomas and Alan Parfitt…

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