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The Fishing Passport: River Alyn (Rossett & Gresford Flyfishers) - Fishing in Wales
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The Fishing Passport: River Alyn (Rossett & Gresford Flyfishers)

The Alyn rises in the Clwydian hills on the Llandegla moors and is some 30 miles from source to its confluence with the Dee. It runs through a limestone gorge in the Country Park in Loggerheads and during the summer, large quantities of water are lost down the swallow holes in the limestone. The water is alkaline with a pH of 8.

It is a small rain fed river with, on this section, a stone or gravel bed. It can be affected very rapidly by rainfall. The river can gain and lose 2 feet in a matter of hours so please bear this in mind. An ideal rod would be no longer than 8ft with a floating line of no more than 5 weight.

The Rosset and Gresford Flyfishers are one of the oldest clubs in Wales and manage around 2½ miles of the river. Up to 2008, brown trout were the only quarry but since then, grayling have started to appear in catches too. Migratory fish, both salmon and sea trout are spotted every year scaling Rossett weir but rarely take time to dwell in this stretch.

More and information on the river and club can be found at the Club Website

The Fishing Passport: River Alyn (Rossett & Gresford Flyfishers)


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Brown trout

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