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The Fishing Passport: River Wye (Gromain & Upper Llanstephan) - Fishing in Wales
gromain river wye fishing

The Fishing Passport: River Wye (Gromain & Upper Llanstephan)

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Black Mountains, Gromain & Upper Llanstephan is a 1.5 mile stretch of mixed single and double bank upper Wye fishing.

The beat is well maintained and suitable for fly fishers at all levels. The Wye here is a big river, some 70 yards across in places, running over slate bedrock with the deep pools and fast runs that characterise this part of the river – classic fly water for salmon, trout and grayling.

For salmon anglers there are 17 named pools and the beat provides fishing over a good range of water heights. Some of the pools have boards from which to fish but overall, this part of the Wye is relatively difficult to wade so felt or studded soles are an absolute must.

For trout and grayling anglers there is a wide range of water on offer – dry fly flats, gravel runs, pocket water, deeper channels and fast, white water. There are some especially large trout in this part of the river with the biggest in recent years up to 8lbs, although this size fish is usually caught by salmon anglers’ larger flies and spinners. There is a good head of wild brown trout and grayling throughout the beat.

For coarse anglers, along with some big chub, dace and pike the fishery has produced the occasional barbel in recent years. Trotting permitted for grayling from 1st October until 2nd March.

There are two parking spots, both very close to the river.

The Fishing Passport: River Wye (Gromain & Upper Llanstephan)


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