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Ginger Hill Fishery - Fishing in Wales
ginger hill fishery

Ginger Hill Fishery

Ginger Hill Fishery consists of three coarse fishing pools.

The fishery has a variety on offer ranging from fishing for good sized carp in all three pools including Small Pool, Large Pool, which until 2009 was predominantly a trout water stocked with rainbows and brownies, is now being developed as a carp pool following the introduction of a mix of mirrors and commons between 3lbs and 9lbs which have augmented the existing stock of carp which are now known to run to between 15lbs and 18lbs.

There are also similar sized fish in Large Pool which also holds good stocks of crucian carp, tench and rudd as well as a few bream.

All three pools at Ginger Hill are available on day ticket whilst there is no charge for the fishing for guests who book for a minimum of a week.

Image: Ginger Hill Fishery

Ginger Hill Fishery

Address Ginger Hill
Poyston Cross, Crundale
Haverfordwest SA62 4EB

Species at this location