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Fishing Passport River Usk - Dan-Y-Parc - Fishing in Wales

Fishing Passport River Usk – Dan-Y-Parc

Dan Y Parc is 1½ miles of first class double bank trout & salmon fishing just downstream from Crickhowell. The access and wading is relatively easy – a large proportion of the beat can be fished from the bank and there is vehicular access to much of it when conditions are dry. If you are wading, studded or stud/felt soles are recommended.

Widely regarded as one of the finest wild brown trout fisheries on the river Usk and one of the best and most productive of the middle Usk salmon beats. There are 16 named pools and when the water is right after late April it is offers a good chance. On a falling spate the Rheld and the Butts can be especially productive and in the spring and when fish are running later in the season, the tail of the farm flats is one of the best catches on the middle river. In high water a 13-14ft double hander is useful, but in medium water a switch or single hander can be used. There is more than enough water to keep a salmon rod busy for a whole day and below the slightly canal like lodge pool at the top, the rest of the beat fishes beautifully to the fly.

To fish the farm flats, fine and far off works best, get your fly right under the far back and don’t make a splash. It is not a place for 10wt lines and deep wading. In recent years the Rheld has produced double digit catches in a day. Whilst salmon returns are lower at the moment this remains one of the prime Usk salmon beats.

Fishing Passport River Usk - Dan-Y-Parc

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