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Tyddyn Sargent Fishery - Fishing in Wales

Tyddyn Sargent Fishery

Tyddyn Sargent Fishery has two lakes, both of which are well stocked with a range of coarse fish including carp (ghost, common, mirror), bream, tench, perch, roach and rudd.

Lake 1 is a 1.75 acre lake with 14 swims. Fish can be taken on standard tactics throughout the year. Carp respond well to meat, corn, boilies (please see rules) and worm. For those after a “mixed bag”, standard float or pole fished baits will ensure an entertaining days sport, with sweet corn and meat sure favourites. Popular swims include the Premier peg, No 1, and “The Island Swim”. However, do not ignore the margins, which in the past have produced some excellent catches.

Lake 2 is a 0.75 acre pool with 6 swims, each with its own unique characteristics, including marginal reed beds, lily pads and underwater features. The design and stocking make this a dream pool for the angler who enjoys fishing the pole or waggler.

Whats being Caught: Carp to 13lb bream 4lb, perch 3lb, tench 2 ½ lb, roach and rudd to 1 ½ lb

Tactics: waggler float with sweetcorn and punched luncheon meat. Pole at 8mtr for bream and roach on 4mm – 6mm pellet. 10-15mm Krill Boilies for the carp.

Tyddyn Sargent Fishery

Address Anglesey Fishery
Tyddyn Sargent
Isle of Anglesey
LL74 8NT

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