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The Fishing Passport: River Llynfi (Pontithel) - Fishing in Wales
river llynfi

The Fishing Passport: River Llynfi (Pontithel)

UPDATE: This part of the llynfi river was completely wiped out by a significant pollution incident in the summer of 2020. It will take several years for the rivers fish stock and insect life to fully recover. As of summer 2023 the river now has good numbers of trout and grayling.

The Pontithel beat is approximately ¾ of a mile of double bank fishing on the river Llynfi, 2 miles upstream of the confluence with the river Wye. This part of the river is wide and fast flowing, over a gravel and boulder river bed. Being not far from the main river it holds a variety of fish species, but trout and grayling are the main quarry, with some large fish present.

Access to the river is easy and the wading straight forward, although felt/studded soles are necessary to navigate the stretch safely. There are some large trees occupying some of the pools along this stretch, which have been washed down during high flows. Although tricky to fish around at times, they create excellent cover for fish and should not be ignored.

Species at this location

Brown trout

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