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The Fishing Passport: River Edw (Hundred House) - Fishing in Wales
river edw

The Fishing Passport: River Edw (Hundred House)

This upper Wye tributary has been one of the most popular trout streams in the Passport scheme.

The furthest upstream of the Edw fishing, the river at Hundred House is slower, more meandering than the rocky sections of river further downstream. Although the river is small, there are some very deep pools that hold surprisingly large trout. The silt and gravel riverbed means the beat benefits from some good mayfly hatches. In addition, the wading is relatively easy although because of the size of the stream here, a surreptitious approach is essential.

Ideally fished with a 6½-8ft, 2 to 4wt rod.

The Fishing Passport: River Edw (Hundred House)


Species at this location

Brown trout

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