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The Fishing Passport: River Edw (Cregrina) - Fishing in Wales
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The Fishing Passport: River Edw (Cregrina)

This upper Wye tributary has been one of the most popular trout streams in the Passport scheme. With 4 beats and around 5 miles of water to fish, the Edw offers a good variety of water and could almost be described as a river in reverse. The lower 2 beats are high gradient and flow quickly over bedrock making them a fairly difficult wade but providing some fantastic pools and glides. The upper 2 beats, however, run through farmland and are more leisurely and meandering.

The Cregrina beat comprises just over 1½ miles of double and single bank fishing, ending at the bridge that marks the start of the Hundred House fishing. Half way up the Cregrina Beat the Edw changes in character quite markedly. The first half mile flows over bedrock, giving some rocky pools and fast water. Once upstream of Cregrina, however, the Edw is slower with the appearance of a lowland stream. Again, the beat is quite tricky to wade in places.

Ideally fished with a 6½-8ft, 2 to 4wt rod.

Species at this location

Brown trout

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