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The Fishing Passport: River Clettwr - Fishing in Wales
river cletwr

The Fishing Passport: River Clettwr

This is real mountain stream fishing and a challenge to the most hardy. It can be, however, extremely rewarding to those willing to try!

Pure escapism, you won’t know the joys of this stream until you have fished it. Go with a small brook rod and be prepared for a climb.

As the name suggests (Clettwr is derived from the Welsh for ‘rough water’), this stream is an interesting mix of gorges, riffles, pools and minor falls. The Clettwr runs off the slopes of Cefn Clawdd and enters the Wye at Erwood, 7½ miles south of Builth. For its size it holds a good population of trout and benefits from two Foundation fish-passes.

Ideally fished with 6½-7½ft, 2 to 4wt rod.