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The Fishing Passport: River Llynfi Talgarth - Fishing in Wales
llynfi talgarth

The Fishing Passport: River Llynfi Talgarth

Approximately 1 mile of mixed double and single bank fishing on the river Llynfi, near Talgarth. The river here is about the same sort of size as the Llynfi Dulas, the tributary that joins from the north towards the lower end of the beat. For the most part, it is true small stream fishing although the junction pool between the two is quite sizable and is sure to hold something that would test the 7 to 8 foot 3 weight rod.

The Llynfi here holds quite a variety of species. Wild brown trout will be the main quarry and are of a good average size for such a small river but grayling, chub and even shoals of perch are present too.

The wading is relatively easy along the Llynfi’s gravel and silt riverbed.

Species at this location

Brown trout

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