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The Fishing Passport: River Usk (Greenbank) - Fishing in Wales
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The Fishing Passport: River Usk (Greenbank)

At just under a mile in length, Greenbank is prime right bank salmon and trout fishing on the lower Usk, suited to a classic Usk day of salmon fishing when the trout aren’t rising and picking up the trout rod when they are. The top of the fishery is a deep and steady glide it runs into the large Tail pool. The run into and run out of Tail are excellent spots for a salmon.

Below the Tail the river is unstable and changes every year. It provides fine trout fishing with a chance of a salmon in the deeper holes, or of a falling spate when they are running.

This is a lovely spot all contained in one huge pasture field that allows easy access to all pools. There are some very large trout in this beat.

The Fishing Passport: River Usk (Greenbank)