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Bwlford Smallholding - Fishing in Wales

Bwlford Smallholding

In March 2017 we had both our lake and pond stocked with Mirror and Common Carp, Roach, and Rudd. At that time the carp were approx 2lb. Shortly after we had fry in the lake and by September 2017, cottage guests caught carp weighing 3lb, and a year later in October 2018 people had caught some that were 8lb – so we know they’re thriving and growing well. Hoping for double figures in 2019…

​The lake is approximately 1/2 acre in area, and gradually slopes to 9ft in the middle. We have 13 pegs, but left a lot of the edging flora as there is a lot of wildlife around the lake and we want to keep it as natural as possible. It is a pleasure fishery after all!

The pond is smaller and shallower with a fairly regular depth of 2ft (but another 2ft of silt), and offers a good Junior Pond for children 12 and under provided they are supervised by a responsible adult.

Bwlford Smallholding

Address Bwlford House
Bulford Road
SA62 3ET

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