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Dominic Garnett - Fishing in Wales

Dominic Garnett

Dominic Garnett

Dominic Garnett is a freelance features writer, photographer and author of six books, including ‘Fishing for Dummies”, “Hooked on Lure Fishing” and the Amazon Bestseller “Flyfishing for Coarse Fish”. 

Dom also works as a content creator for the Angling Trust, and can be caught every week in the Angling Times. Find out more on his site and the Angling Trust’s Lines on the Water blog

Dominic Garnett


take a friend fishing Wales

Take A Friend Fishing is Back!!

NEW: Winter Fishing CampaignGet together with a friend and create some amazing angling memories this winter!Between Friday 17th December 2021…

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A Welsh llyn scene

Llyn Gwyn – Fishing in the land of the Monks

In Wales we are blessed with hundreds of natural lakes or llynneod as we call them, which offer a quality fishing experience for those seeking…

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pike fishing in Wales

Pike fishing in Wales VIDEO - Opportunities and places to go

Fishing in Wales marketing manager Ceri Thomas talks about pike fishing opportunities in Wales – particularly stillwater piking.

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