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Welcome to Our New Blog

by David Griffiths
02 Aug 2017

Allow me to kick off our new blog with a sincere thank-you to all the thousands of visitors who come and browse our site every month. It makes us feel like we’ve put something worthwhile together. And it has been a lot of work over some years to get to this stage!

The reason for the site was that there was nothing comparable, and we felt that a country as rich in fishing opportunities as Wales deserved something like this.

An Appeal

We’ve scoured the internet and elsewhere, added our personal knowledge and yet we’re still a very long way short of the type comprehensive fishery detail we’d like to offer. Many kind and helpful visitors do leave comments on posts (that’s why we leave comments open to all) which are very helpful and we always review them and incorporate relevant information in the listings themselves.

But I’m convinced that there must be much more information out there which you, the reader, can offer about your local fishing. So I’d appeal to anyone with information (sorry, this is starting to sound like Crimewatch!) to drop me a line here, or add a comment on any item among the 1000 or so we already have. Please provide any bit of information which can help a fellow angler, especially visitors to Wales, get the most from the fabulous fishing we have to offer.

It helps us all to support the fishing, because if we don’t fisheries will fall into neglect and even close altogether. And then they’re not available to ourselves or the next generation. Who among us would say that the fishing is better today than it was when we were youngsters?

We’d like this site to develop into a full-blown collaboration between the anglers of Wales. And as you’ll see from my next item below, we do need to add our collective voice the agencies trying to keep our water quality, and fishing, from further degradation.

So please do comment on posts, and contact me to make suggestions as to how we take this website forward. Also, I’d really welcome guest blog posts from anyone with an interest in game, coarse or sea fishing in Wales – if you’d like a free platform to get your opinions online this might be the place for you. Do feel free to contact me with article outlines and we’ll do our best to get you published. In case you’re wondering we’re edging towards 10,000 visits a month at the moment so you’d have a decent audience!


River Catchment Pollution in Wales

As I mentioned above, the voice of anglers as a coherent body has never been more important in Wales. Anglers can’t have failed to be horrified at the recent spate of pollution incidents.

With river water levels at their seasonal low our water courses are at their most vulnerable. 


Even a moderate incident is exacerbated in the summer months with lower water flow to dilute and remove pollutants. And there seems to be no slow down in the numbers of incidents occuring. Once they become “routine” they’re just not as newsworthy as the major ones on the Teifi, Gwili and others earlier this year.

There are agencies such as the local rivers trusts and Afonydd Cymru, their umbrella organisation, who are doing everything they reasonably can to improve matters, but as it stands this is falling on patently deaf ears. Even requests for meetings with publicly funded bodies are being stonewalled by WAG policy makers.

So it’s important that we add our collective voice in support of Afonydd Cymru and the local rivers trusts. Your feedback to ourselves will be forwarded, or you can contact them directly to find our how you can make a difference. They do great work on behalf of anglers as well as others who use and enjoy rivers and wetlands. The vociferous support of the thousands of regular visitors to Fishing in Wales will be hugely beneficial in helping to influence the decision-makers to act decisively and swifty.

The simple, undeniable fact is that just over the border our near neighbours in England have made huge, positive and collaborative strides towards measurable improvements in water quality.
Based on good policies which are well executed. Should we not demand the same in Wales?


Thanks for Reading

To sign-off this first in a new series of regular posts, may I thank you again for supporting this site. I look forward to hearing from readers with your feedback and opinions. Please feel free to comment below and add your voice to the discussion.

May I also recommend you subscribe in the sidebar above. You’ll receive regular update notifications and site news.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

David Griffiths
Editor, and keen angler!


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