Skewen Angling Club has fishing on Gnoll Community Fishery. This was once an open air swimming pool and lately lay stagnant and lifeless. The damn had to be strengthened and sealed, an island created, the overflow controlled, and pegs built before any fish were introduced. The first stocking saw 27,000 fish, mainly roach. A second recent stocking saw roach, rudd, tench, and crucian carp introduced.

Gnoll Pond is situated on the outskirts of Neath in the middle of the Gnoll Country Park. It is around 15 acres in size, and fishable on two sides with a number of pegs available for anglers. The water holds bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon and carp. It is the carp most anglers fish for with specimens going to almost 25lb being caught. The water is only accessible during park opening times.

Neath Canal upper section runs from just below GlynNeath to Resolven road bridge. It holds carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, eels and a few chub and pike, as well as the odd trout.

Neath Canal lower section from Tonna to the Wharf in Briton Ferry. It holds carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, eels and a few chub and pike, as well as the odd trout.

Tennant Canal runs from Aberdulais to Port Tennant, approximately 8 miles in length. There is a wide variety of fish species in the canal, ranging from pike to rudd with even a few chub. The pike, bream, tench, and carp all grow to specimen size though due to the shallow water, can prove a challenge to catch.

The Square Pond is situated alongside the C.M.B. Factory on the outskirts of Neath alongside the Main Road. The water contains carp, including crucians and grass carp, roach, rudd, bream, tench, perch, and eels. Many fish have been stocked over the years, with a number of fast growing carp up to 15lb the most recent to go in. Carp have been caught up to 24lb in recent years, with at least eight different twenty pound fish caught. There are also rumours of a number of catfish of various sizes having been illegally stocked from a garden pond!