Issue 2

Salmon And Sea Trout Catch Controls

by David Griffiths
23 Aug 2017

Tucked away quietly on the Natural Resources Wales website are some pages that should be of interest to all salmon and sea trout anglers on Welsh rivers. Also to businesses and the wider Welsh economy which rely on visiting anglers.

NRW does not publicise these pages. Despite the quote: “We are seeking your views on proposals for a new catch controls”, because, let’s be honest, they really aren’t!

Firstly, you’d have to be aware that there are “consultation” periods in effect right now. They run between August and October / November 2017. Have you seen or heard anything of these up until now? I know of very few game anglers who have.

It is true that information has recently been submitted by email from NRW to local fishery group executives, but the ability for many of these organisations to distribute this information and galvanise responses effectively is quite limited. And grassroots migratory game anglers appear, for the most part, to remain unaware.

Secondly, you’d have work pretty hard to locate the relevant pages on the NRW website in the first place. There is nothing to be found on this issue on their home page.

Despite NRW being a cost-cutting amalgamation of 3 disparate agencies, it is clear that fisheries and waterways management remains one of their most important functions. Especially given the economic implications of failing to discharge this responsibility effectively. So it begs the question: why be so coy about these consultations?

An executive summary has been issued. I have it below in PDF format, so you can review it here and download to send on if required.

It boils down to this:

  • Licensed netting continues
  • No mention of netting quotas
  • Rod and line anglers will be required to return all fish
  • No mention of increased resources against illegal netting and poaching, both of which remain significant factors on dwindling fish stocks!

So despite the “consultation process”, the conclusions have already been drawn. And short of a landslide of contrary views arriving at NRW the deal is sealed.


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David Griffiths
Editor, and keen angler!


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