Issue 12

NRW Pushes Through New Bylaws

by David Griffiths
19 Feb 2018

At a meeting in Bangor on Thursday 18 January, the Board of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) approved proposals to recommend new game fishing bylaws.

They are now being brought forward to the Welsh Assembly for ratification, which is pretty much a formality.

To all intents and purposes it’s a done deal. They plan to introduce statutory salmon catch and release for all rod and net fisheries in Wales as well as amendments to the type of bait used and methods of fishing.

To quote from their own press release:

The decision follows last year’s public consultation which saw more than 500 responses from the angling community.

Which is rather disingenuous of them, since the responses to the key consultation questions were as follows (see page 10 of the Board Paper Annexes PDF below):

Do you agree with NRW stock assessments?
Yes: 49 (16%)
No: 225 (72%)
Don’t know: 37 (12%)
No response: 0 (0%)

Do you agree with the proposed net byelaws?
Yes: 66 (18%)
Yes (in part): 2 (0.5%)
No: 121 (33%)
Don’t know: 160 (44%)
No response: 16 (4%)

Do you agree with the proposed rod byelaws?
Yes: 49 (11%)
Yes (in part): 1 (0.2%)
No: 378 (83%)
Don’t know: 12 (3%)
No response: 17 (4%)

I am relieved that NRW are not responsible for any of this country’s democratic processes!

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David Griffiths
Editor, and keen angler!


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