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How About Joining Us?

by David Griffiths
16 Mar 2019

As the Editorial Team’s thoughts turn to another season of trout fishing, we are conscious that coarse and sea anglers may feel they are slightly underrepresented here at Fishing in Wales.

The problem is, that we are all Trout Fisherman. And so we do find it quite difficult to keep up-to-date with the goings on in the coarse and sea fishing communities in Wales. But we are aware that many thousands of our monthly visitors will have no interest whatsoever in game angling.

So we were wondering if perhaps, one or two people who do keep up with these aspects of fishing in Wales, might like to write an occasional article for us to share their knowledge and news with their fellow anglers. We have a very wide readership, and it will give you the opportunity to correspond with a large audience. Topics can include anything which may be of interest to anglers in those disciplines specifically in Wales.

Drop me a line if this is something you would be interested in taking up.

You wouldn’t have to write articles very often, in fact you could write them as infrequently as you wish because I am no example on how to keep a regular blog going!

We do hope one or two people might take us up on this offer because with such a wide readership, it does give an opportunity for as all as anglers to have an influential platform to further our sport and bring pressure to bear on the powers that be across a wide range of issues of interest to anglers.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

In other news which may be of interest to anglers, there is a rumour doing the rounds at the moment that the are considering a policy change on NVZs. And that’s about it. We don’t know if it’s true, and if it is what it would entail. But on past experience with this arm of government it is more likely that absolutely nothing will happen of any benefit whatsoever to the angling community. Because even though angling is known to contribute up to £150 million per annum into the Welsh economy, the budget and intention for promoting fishing in Wales remains pretty much zero as far as Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is concerned, who are the statutory body charged with promoting fishing.

We have been in discussions with 3rd party representatives for nearly a year with a view to remedying this, and so far absolutely nothing has happened. It may be that we can reveal more about this process in forthcoming blogs. If we are able to publish more details and you’d like to stay in the loop, it might be an idea to subscribe to our newsletter.

Salmon News

This will probably already be widely known amongst salmon fishermen based in Wales, but here’s a reminder to visitors, as many people visit Fishing in Wales when planning a visit here.

NRW has enacted emergency byelaws to replicate the level of protection for salmon that expired on the 31st December 2018. They took effect from 1st January 2019. The new emergency byelaws are a stopgap until a decision is made by Welsh Government following the conclusion of the Local Inquiry on NRWs application for the introduction of new more protective catch controls.

It was their intention that proposed new ‘All Wales’ byelaws for nets and rods would be in place before the National Salmon Byelaws expired, however the timing of the Local Inquiry means that this was no longer possible, potentially leading to less protection for salmon.

The emergency byelaws replicate the existing National Salmon Byelaws utilising the same controls which have been place for 20 years and with which all fishermen are familiar. They are not expected to have any effect on either the Local Inquiry or NRW’s application for new catch control byelaws.

The emergency byelaws require:

  • close season for net fisheries ends on 31st May, with the exception of those net fisheries dependant on sea trout (Tywi, Taf, Nevern, Teifi, Dyfi) and which have been operating under a dispensation – which will continue
  • the release of all salmon caught by nets before 1st June
  • the release of all salmon caught by rods before June 16th
  • no bait fishing for salmon before June 16th

The controls are intended to be in place for 12 months unless revoked or extended.


Thanks for Reading

May I thank you once again for supporting this site. I look forward to hearing from readers with your feedback and opinions. Please feel free to comment below and add your voice to the discussion.

May I also recommend you subscribe in the sidebar above. You’ll receive regular update notifications and site news.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

David Griffiths
Editor, and keen angler!


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