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How About Joining Us?

As the Editorial Team’s thoughts turn to another season of trout fishing, we are conscious that coarse and sea anglers may feel they are slightly underrepresented here at Fishing in Wales.

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Welsh Dee Rivers Trust Winter Report 2018

The Welsh Dee Rivers Trust have just released their latest seasonal newsletter. It should make for interesting reading to game and coarse anglers alike. And not just those anglers who enjoy the Dee catchment.

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Angelsharks in Wales Need Your Help!

Angel Shark Project: Wales is a pioneering new project launched on July 2018 aims to better understand and safeguard the Angelshark (Squatina squatina) in Wales through fisher-participation, heritage and citizen-science.

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The Editor’s Blog Is Back!

After a very long break I’m back at last, with my periodic blog posts on fishing and environmental news and comment. “Where have you been?” I hear you ask. Especially the many anglers who have kindly signed up to our mailing list, and may now be wondering why they bothered? Well, I do have a pretty good excuse …

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NRW Pushes Through New Bylaws

At a meeting in Bangor on Thursday 18 January, the Board of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) approved proposals to recommend new game fishing bylaws.

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Yet Another Major Pollution Incident!

Just a week ago I wrote about sorting out the details for the new season which starts in March on the fishery which I run, Llyn Coron on Anglesey.

The thrust of my article being concerns about the increasing threat from agricultural pollution in Welsh waterways, and the abject failure of responses from NRW.

Well, the worst has already happened. On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of January 70,000 gallons of farm slurry was released into one of the lake’s feeder streams, Afon Gwna!

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Looking forward to 2018?

It’s that time of year when I’m sorting out the details for the new season which starts in March on the fishery which I run …

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